Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Creating the spells for wizard battles

As you may know already, the wizard battle will be published this week, and of course, it contains a lot of wizard spells and all that stuff, it has been done before, but i'm doing it any way, WIZARD SPELLS TUTORIALS!! It's actually really easy, so let's look at some footage. If you have seen my blog before you might recognize the picture above, this is before the spell was added in, also a simple cloning effect was added by filming nick in those two places, splitting the layer, timing it and masking nick out, easy for this clip. Now to the spells, we made a new solid and applied the advanced lightning generator to it. Then we set the lightning type to strike and changes the glow color to green. Now keyframe the origin and direction of the lightning bolt and animate it with the little crosshairs in circles give on the screen. you should get a smooth animation throughout a few frames, then trim the layer to the end of the animation, for anything extra add another solid, add the advanced lightning filter and go through the steps again, except this time change the lightning type to bouncy and composite is on the persons body.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, experiment to get even better, send me a link to the video and i'll watch it!!


  1. The main purpose of effects is to promote the story, not just to wow an audience with amazing tricks created digitally in cinema...
    Alex Frisch

  2. Your work is very good and I enjoy the tutorial you have shared in this site and appreciate it for all the great content.

    Connie Jordan-Carmichael | Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation